Crystal Story: The Hero and the Evil Witch now Available!

Hooray! Crystal Story is now available to play! Link: Steam (PC) Come and explore the sights of Smalltown. Here is a mini guide to get you started… Dungeons  You can move around dungeons using a Mouse, a Keyboard, or a Controller. Choose any control scheme you prefer. Bumping into enemies while inside a dungeon will […]

Crystal Story

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to update you guys on what I am doing, and future plans for Crystal Story.   The Crystal Story games have been made using flash and it has slowly been deprecated over time. I have decided to shelve my current project for now and instead remake Crystal Story 1 and 2 […]

An Update!

Hello Everyone! Sorry, I have not updated in long-long time. Work has been slow and most of the stuff I have been doing are in the programming area. I have some status update about the game though. I made some effort in making the game a bit presentable. I decided to use the sprites I […]