Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

An Update!



Hello Everyone! Sorry, I have not updated in long-long time. Work has been slow and most of the stuff I have been doing are in the programming area. I have some status update about the game though.

I made some effort in making the game a bit presentable. I decided to use the sprites I made for Crystal Story II into textures for the 3D terrain in the new game. It still looks a bit bad, but I think it looks better than the previous one.

The cutscenes have also changed slightly. They now have speech bubbles on top of their heads instead of a giant text box.

Gameplay also received a lot of work. I have ported most of the skills from Crystal Story II to the new engine. I will just need to create new abilities and enemy specific ones that make use of this new code. I’m still trying to figure out how the class system will work, but I’m thinking about a single skill tree per character.

I’m hoping to finish my demo in a few months so I can get more feedback before the final iteration.

Anyway thanks for reading!