Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Category: Art

  • Work in Progress

    Some stuff I forgot to update for the Crystal Story Remake… Intro: Dialog Portraits:

  • Starter Areas Layout


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    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to update on what I’ve been working on for the past month. I’ve been really busy IRL, but I got some work done on the starter areas. It’s still feels empty, but I got the layout done. The screenshots show some of the landmarks and the Evil Cave entrance. The areas…

  • Levels


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    Hello! Just a quick update. I’ve been working on polishing some levels. The cave and the river area have been tweaked a bit. I’m currently not very happy with my pace, and I’m still working too slow. After reevaluating my progress these past few weeks, I might have to cut more features.

  • Two More Chars


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    Another quick update. I made 2 more chars. I still need to fix the rig, but I’ll worry about it once the town is done. I also had some other stuff in the works, but didn’t like how it panned out. I might have to redo some of them. I’m going to work on the…

  • NPCs


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    Hello! Quick update. I’m currently back to 3D modeling, after spending so much time on programming. Here are two new npcs. They are currently not rigged and still unfinished. Will do that next week along with more characters.

  • Menu (WIP)


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    Hello! Managed to do some work on the main menu. Everything is still temporary and most of the buttons aren’t working yet. I also added drawings as temporary placeholders to see how they look. I need to hire an actual artist once everything plans out. -_- I also reevaluated my plans these past weeks, which…

  • Delayed

    Hey! So pretty much all of the people I’ve been working with for additional resources have been really busy with IRL jobs. There have been no significant updates this past weeks. The game will be delayed indefinitely. Really sorry about that. :( I’ve been trying to improve the game while waiting. I have redone some…

  • Learning Animation

    Hey! Haven’t updated in a long time. Been really busy. Work on the intro cutscene is going fairly well. I’m still a beginner in animating, but I got some great help from Tyler. Some parts are still unfinished.

  • Finals Week

    Hey! Sorry no update this week or the upcoming week. Next week is my finals. After that, I can go back and work on it full time again. I’ve just been fixing bugs and trying to optimize the game, so no major updates. Anyway here is another intro art I’ve been working on. This is…

  • Crystal Story 2 intro and minigame

    Hey! I decided to make the defense minigame its own separate game, so I’ve been working on that all week. It will still be a minigame inside Crystal Story 2, but the standalone game will have more levels and more towers and it will have its own mini story. Tyler is going to do the…