Town In Progress part 3

Hello! Late Update again. Been very busy :( Anyway, I’ve been working on UI + Making the town look better. It still needs a lot more work, but I’m slowly getting it done. I wanted to make a fun lively town and I’m looking at Chrono Trigger for inspiration. Hopefully I can make one as fun. Oh also I need feedback on the UI colors. I changed it from the teal thing to the yellow.

Town In Progress Part 2

Hello! Sorry again for the late late update. I was working on this skill tree system, but it looked so complicated and hard to implement that I ended up scrapping it in favor of a way simpler one. So that was like a week gone -_-. Anyway I decided to make the town 3D instead of just menus like in the previous video. I’m currently just blocking out the locations of the town and still planning it out. For now it’s going to have an Inn, Restaurant, Item Shop, Equipment Shop, Sheriff’s office, Evil Restaurant, and a Mayor’s office. I’m planning to add a location for a farm and the arcade. The main character is the owner of the Restaurant.

Intro (Work in Progress)

Hello! So now I’m working on the intro cutscene + tutorial. It starts out with fishing and a slime enemy. I had to redo the rig for the main character to make the animation easier. I also made her hair bouncy with physics. It is still a work in progress and I will need to do more tweaks for it like a moving camera, (WAAAY) better dialog and pictures for characters when they say their dialog.

Cave (Work In Progress)

Hello! Haven’t updated again in a while. Been busy with IRL stuff and had no time to work on it :( Next week should be good though, and I’ll have more free time. I missed working on the game.

Anyway, this has been my progress so far. A small cave/tech area is going the second level after the forest quest. I will have to program the gameplay for it next week. All I did so far was creating room areas for the cave rocks.


Hello! Sorry I haven’t done much and updates have been slow again. I have been doing the same thing. Just adding more areas and tweaking the game.

I decided to remove the victory screen once battles are won. It just cuts to the loot screen then resumes the game. This change made the pace of the game much faster. I’m planning to add it during boss battles though, so it might feel a bit rewarding maybe.

I also expanded the forest/plains level. It’s still not done yet, but here is a rough idea on how the layout goes. I’m planning to add extra cave areas too, but I’m still doing the 3d models for the walls and stuff in maya.

Town In Progress

Town exploration currently work in progress. It’s still pretty rough. I’m planning to have indoor areas on towns instead of just menus. I’m also planning to change the outdoor area from a menu selection to be 2D like the world map. I think it will be easier to do than a 3D town. Will do that after finishing the indoor areas.

Minimap Test

I bought a minimap thing to speed things up, but I ended up tweaking it for two days. It’s still not done yet though. I still need to fix the red dots and quest indicators going out of the map. I also need to make the large map static and show the whole area map.

I’ve also been working on the town and shops. I’ll prob show that next week.

Boss Battle and Cutscene

Hello! I wanted to test out the best way for me to do cutscenes, and right now it’s taking a really long time. I have to create some shortcuts and polish it some more. I love how cheesy it turned out though.

I made some progress on other areas as well. I decided to make a shorter game, so the story has changed from what I intended again. I’m planning to expand each level to have unlockable sublevels, and the game would be a bit more open ended. So I guess it’s more metroidvania now maybe, not sure yet. I’m also going to try and increase the characters to 6 if I can. With these changes in mind, I’ve been working pretty much on stat development for the past week. I had to change how it works from Crystal Story 2 since that game was way bigger.

I also tried changing the ui. That didn’t work out so well. Maybe when I can get the demo out I can find a UI guy.


Hello! So i’m currently playing around with stat development and stuff. I remember one time someone telling me to just have passives in the class tree, so I’m trying that out. Skills are equipped now and replaces accessories kinda like materia. Traits like (+5% Fire Damage) or (+10% steal success) are learned from leveling up a class.

The first area is almost done. I will just have to code the boss with a short cutscene intro. Most of the work went into the menus though, and it looks like i’ll have more for next week -_-