Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Boss Battle and Cutscene



Hello! I wanted to test out the best way for me to do cutscenes, and right now it’s taking a really long time. I have to create some shortcuts and polish it some more. I love how cheesy it turned out though.

I made some progress on other areas as well. I decided to make a shorter game, so the story has changed from what I intended again. I’m planning to expand each level to have unlockable sublevels, and the game would be a bit more open ended. So I guess it’s more metroidvania now maybe, not sure yet. I’m also going to try and increase the characters to 6 if I can. With these changes in mind, I’ve been working pretty much on stat development for the past week. I had to change how it works from Crystal Story 2 since that game was way bigger.

I also tried changing the ui. That didn’t work out so well. Maybe when I can get the demo out I can find a UI guy.