Town In Progress

Town exploration currently work in progress. It’s still pretty rough. I’m planning to have indoor areas on towns instead of just menus. I’m also planning to change the outdoor area from a menu selection to be 2D like the world map. I think it will be easier to do than a 3D town. Will do that after finishing the indoor areas.

Minimap Test

I bought a minimap thing to speed things up, but I ended up tweaking it for two days. It’s still not done yet though. I still need to fix the red dots and quest indicators going out of the map. I also need to make the large map static and show the whole area map.

I’ve also been working on the town and shops. I’ll prob show that next week.

Boss Battle and Cutscene

Hello! I wanted to test out the best way for me to do cutscenes, and right now it’s taking a really long time. I have to create some shortcuts and polish it some more. I love how cheesy it turned out though.

I made some progress on other areas as well. I decided to make a shorter game, so the story has changed from what I intended again. I’m planning to expand each level to have unlockable sublevels, and the game would be a bit more open ended. So I guess it’s more metroidvania now maybe, not sure yet. I’m also going to try and increase the characters to 6 if I can. With these changes in mind, I’ve been working pretty much on stat development for the past week. I had to change how it works from Crystal Story 2 since that game was way bigger.

I also tried changing the ui. That didn’t work out so well. Maybe when I can get the demo out I can find a UI guy.


Hello! So i’m currently playing around with stat development and stuff. I remember one time someone telling me to just have passives in the class tree, so I’m trying that out. Skills are equipped now and replaces accessories kinda like materia. Traits like (+5% Fire Damage) or (+10% steal success) are learned from leveling up a class.

The first area is almost done. I will just have to code the boss with a short cutscene intro. Most of the work went into the menus though, and it looks like i’ll have more for next week -_-

Cutscene Work in Progress (Early)

Hello! Currently playing around with what I can do with cutscenes and did a short test cutscene. Theres still a lot of things needed to be done. I’m planning to add character portaits and have them appear towards the direction of the speaker. I want it to be similar to the way they did it in fire emblem awakening. Short movements of 3d characters with 2d character portraits on the main cutscenes, and just 2d portraits when talking one on one. I’ll probably finish that by next week.

Forest Part 2 (Work in Progress)

Hey guys! Short update. Just finished coding the battle camera pan. I can now set it up manually on every battle area. Other than that, just minor additions like effects and other menus.

Forest (Work In Progress)

Hello! Been busy working on the first level. Still needs a lot of work. I am going to add more bushes, trees, and props next update since it feels empty. I am also not sure if adding jump is a good idea. My character can jump up cliffs and it’s starting to become a problem. Battle also needs a lot of work. Hopefully I can get an updated version of this next week. Everything is still a work in progress and can change.

Debug Room

Hello! A bit slow on updating again. Most of the work done the past 2 weeks were programming related. I decided to go back to using an RPG framework again. I think this will make things faster than having to code everything on my own. Also integrated some of the assets I bought.
I’m currently in the process of making a debug room, to test gameplay mechanics and see if they work correctly. I’m also playing around with good camera angles for battle.


Finished the Goblins. They are a bit easier than the other ones since they are bipedal humanoids. They currently only have idle and run animations for now. I just need one more enemy plus some bosses I don’t know yet for the forest level and I think that’s it.

I’m planning to start working on code next week. Once the forest level is done I will have a small demo to show off the concept for the game. I can probably ask for help from other artists and programmers afterwards.


Bird Enemy

Hello! Haven’t done as much as I hoped this week, but I finally got the control rig done for the bird enemy. It was a bit harder than I thought. Overall, my pace has been a bit faster lately and I have more free time now. I’m able to do a short update a week. I’m planning to finish part of the forest level first, so I’m mostly doing feral enemies currently.