Spawns and Minimap

Hello! Worked on enemy spawns and minimap this time. Also did some performance stuff.

Enemies popup on certain areas now and despawn if you go further away. I think I wanted something like ff13-2, so I tried to copy it. It’s not as good, but I think it’s better than what I used to have.

I also redid the minimap from scratch. I didn’t like the minimap I bought, so I coded my own. It’s still a work in progress and enemies still don’t show up on the display yet. I also have to work on the big map.

I also did a lot of optimizations with the forest level. I removed most of the trees and bushes since I was getting a lot of setpass calls and batches. I also created LOD models for each of the trees and bushes, but I wasn’t really getting much of a performance boost with it. I guess it is just a nice thing to have.