Crystal Story II Deluxe version Features

Crystal Story II deluxe version will soon be available for purchase. Here is the list of features exclusive to the deluxe version:

Gameplay Features:

  • 5 New areas and bosses – Five optional new areas and super bosses appear after you’ve beaten the game to put your party to the ultimate test.


  • Expanded Armory – Rare armors can now be crafted, and equipment can be dismantled for components.
  • Exclusive Items – Discover secret items exclusive to the deluxe version throughout the game.


  • Better Sprites – The deluxe version gives me the opportunity to bypass some of the limitations of the web version. Battle sprites, Icons and Character sprites have been re-saved to PNG-24 from PNG-8. Jpeg quality has also been bumped to 100 from 80.


  • Better Audio quality – Audio quality has also improved from 80kbps to 128kbps.


  • Increased save slots and improved saving – Save files do not rely on the browser cache anymore and won’t get deleted if cleared. With the deluxe version, saves are persistent and are stored on the hard drive. Save slots have now increased from 3 to 6.
  • No ads – Gone are the ads shown at the beginning of the game. Focus more on the game with less clutter.

I’m still alive

Hey! So I’m just posting to let you know this project is still alive. Sorry there have been no updates lately. It’s just going really really slow. Voices are now in the game, most of the main cutscenes are done and there are also new music in the game.

Here is what is left to finish:
– Main Cutscenes (~90%)
– NPC dialogues (not started)
– Music (~70%)
– Sound Effects (~20%)
– Effects (~15%)

Skill trees will have blank nodes now. You will have two choices on what stat you want to level up.

The fourth character was also redone to make him look more evil.

I’m also working on tutorial screens as well.



Hey! So pretty much all of the people I’ve been working with for additional resources have been really busy with IRL jobs. There have been no significant updates this past weeks. The game will be delayed indefinitely. Really sorry about that. :(

I’ve been trying to improve the game while waiting. I have redone some icons and npcs. Here are some of the significant improvements along with some of the icons in the game.


Almost Done (I think)

Intro is done, but we are trying to add a little mini trailer for the standalone submission. We are going to make a full trailer after that.

Game is almost done (I think). Work needed to complete:
– Optional Quests, enemies and bosses almost done
– Still missing some icons. Mostly on spells.
– Music and Sound Effects
– Battle Effects
– Some voices
– Dialogues and cutscenes
– Help and minigame tutorials

Feedback and testing really helped. Thanks again to the testers.main

Slight Delay

I think we might delay the game a bit. We need more time to finish some of the resources in the game. I thought we could do it this week, but my estimate was off. I would like to apologize.

We might finish the intro movie eariler this week and we will submit it to newgrounds and youtube by itself. Watch out for that! :D

For now I will continue on and find bugs with the gameplay while the resources are still being made. The game will be updated along the way.

For last week, we made a lot of progress a lot of the critical bugs were fixed. There were also a lot of icons added in the game.

Thanks a lot to the testers for the feedback and reports. It really helps a lot with the progress of the game.bg623

Beta next week!

Hey! So I think the game is going to be ready for the beta phase next week. It’s still broken and has a lot of bugs, but I think the main game is playable. If anybody wants to help me test the game next week let me know. I don’t think I can test everything by myself.


Finals Week

Hey! Sorry no update this week or the upcoming week. Next week is my finals. After that, I can go back and work on it full time again. I’ve just been fixing bugs and trying to optimize the game, so no major updates.

Anyway here is another intro art I’ve been working on. This is the part where Hiro single-handedly defeated the Dargon.



Here is Alchemy. Alchemy is the replacement for feed pet. Instead of a random item spawning based on the rarity of the food, each monster will now have a chance to drop ingredients. Alchemy is where you can combine ingredients to form other items (weapons, armor, potions, and grenades). There are 14 types of weapons per character, but only a limited amount are available in the wild. The rest are only available through alchemy. You can then upgrade them through the armory (up to 4 tiers). alch