Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Category: Crystal Story

  • Bestiary

    Finished the UI for the Bestiary and Alchemy. Here is a preview of what it looks like. Currently, the Bestiary has 100+ monsters. I’m aiming for ~150+ after I finish the optional quests.

  • Crystal Story 2 intro and minigame

    Hey! I decided to make the defense minigame its own separate game, so I’ve been working on that all week. It will still be a minigame inside Crystal Story 2, but the standalone game will have more levels and more towers and it will have its own mini story. Tyler is going to do the…

  • Happy Easter Update

    Happy Easter! / April Fools tomorrow! I decided to take my time on working on the intro. The recap for the intro will be one big scrolling image. I’m putting more effort in cleaning up the line art and putting line weights. I bought the new version of Manga Studio and it’s really neat. Spells…

  • Intro First Attempt

    Midterm + Project + Sick = no update last week :( Anyway I’ve been trying to work on the intro and I’m thinking of using a paper ink style of recapping the previous events. Here is my first attempt. I am not completely satisfied with it and I’m probably going to redo it tomorrow.

  • Charge Mechanic

    Hey! Delayed update. I’m still working on the last minigame. Still taking longer than expected, but it’s almost done. Cutscenes are next. Anyway, here is a preview of the “Charge” mechanic in the game.

  • Defense Minigames

    Here is a sneak peek of the 2 defense games. I greatly underestimated the work on the new one and I spent a week working on the path finding algorithm : ( The objective of the new defense game is to hire mercenaries to stop the oncoming horde that is attacking Crystalia. Each mercenary has…

  • Battle Preview

    Hey Guys! Big update: Check out the battle preview for the game: Some features that have been added: – Character Movement – Zoom – UI overhaul Some notes on what to fix: – Move the character attacking in front of the defender – Change the “Turn Indicator” symbol – Add a camera shake when Fire…

  • Minigames

      ah! sick and busy week. Didn’t accomplish much. Here are screenshots of the new minigames though. The fishing minigame will have a rare fish per pond that can be used to upgrade equipments. The snowboarding minigame will have 3 downhill tracks. I’m also working on the new zombie defense.

  • Backgrounds

    Yay! Backgrounds are all done. I’m working on the minigames and gameplay polish now. I think story and cutscenes will be last on the list.

  • New New Dungeons

    Been working on just dungeons for the past 2 weeks. Current progress is 22/28 for the dungeon backgrounds and 2/28 for the battle backgrounds (the first game only had 5 backgrounds). Still a long way to go (-_-). Here are some of the indoor dungeons.