Dungeon Overhaul


I redid the dungeons and added new ones. They are now more detailed compared to the old one. I was also able to add more variety to the floors and walls, so each room looks significantly different. On the screenshot we have (from top left to bottom right) plains, desert valley, highland forest, and snow.

Here are some of the comparison screenshots:

Old Forest:

New Forest:

Old Desert Valley (New one is on the main screenshot):


And here are other screenshots:

Open Desert:

Dead Forest:


Found these while going through my files. Here are the sketches for the game art from last week:


I had to individually draw them on separate layers, so I can move them around wherever I wish. Here is also an earlier concept sketch.


Character Ultimates

Here are the character action poses. They will be used for the title screen and some of the promotional art. They will also be used in game as portraits when using ultimate spells and in cutscenes.

Thank you guys so much for the support. I really appreciate it and It really keeps me going. 2013 is going to be a great year. Have a fun new year! =D


Pet Summon

I’ve noticed that the Pet Slime minigame can be a bit confusing and can be random most of the time. I’ve also received feedback about wanting the pet to be summonable.

I decided to split them into 2 different features.
– Items can be combined now using ALCHEMY which is a recipe system. I’m getting rid of the random part. ( I will explain this on future updates when I figure out more recipes )
– Pet is now a summonable creature with a dress up minigame. Here is a preview: