Battle Theme

Battle Theme by Morgan King:

“This week we’ve got an update on the game’s soundtrack for you guys; it’s the main battle music from the game! This time around there’s going to be more than one battle theme, dependent on what area of the game you’re in. This is the first battle theme you’ll hear, and it’s a revamp of the battle theme from CSI (with tons of extra goodness added of course!)”


New Enemies

I’ve been working on enemies and enemy stats. I currently have about ~50 enemy stats filled. Which is about 2 out of the 6 arcs done. I’m still testing if the stats are balanced though. Here are some of the enemy sprites. I still have to draw about ~10 more monsters, ~6 more Bosses and a bunch of recolors.

Character Animation

I have made improvements on the battle animation for each character. Each character now has 3 attack animations for added variety (though I’m currently not done with the 4th character yet. Scythe animation is hard -_-;). I’ve added more frames to the character too. Here is the comparison of the number of battle sprites in the first game:

I tried converting it to gif format.

[Added Bonus: Map Character Sprite]