Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Crystal Story II: Sword of the Fallen Dragon – Changelog


Crystal Story II is coming soon to steam, and with it comes the Sword of the Fallen Dragon Update. It adds a lot of features and changes to the game.

Here is the change log:

Main Features:

  • New chapter (Chapter 6) – Sword of the Fallen Dragon: A new threat has risen. Join the party once again as they investigate the strange mysteries that are happening on the Northern Orc Village.
  • New side quests -The Curious Thief: A pesky thief has been stealing items from the neighboring towns. The party is hired to catch the thief and return the items that were stolen.
  • Card Battle: Collect cards and challenge foes to a Card Duel in an all new minigame.
  • Battle Arena: Monsters line up to challenge your party in battle. Defeat them to earn prizes.
  • Pet Gifts: Your pet now goes on its own adventure while you are away and will occasionally give you its spare items. Remember to visit it while in town.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Removed MP requirement for casting Guard
  • Decreased Mag Up buff multiplier from 1.8 to 1.4 (same as atk up)
  • Decreased enemy Burst max damage from 1x-3x damage to 1x-2x damage (same as normal Burst)
  • Decreased Quicken SPD rating from 1.5 to 1.33
  • Decreased Slow SPD rating from 0.5 to 0.66
  • Increased Overall stats of Random Buff and Random Nerf Weapons
  • Increased Overall stats of Buff+ and Nerf+ Weapons
  • Last Resort Weapons now have added Physical and Magical Resistance
  • Lowered Status Durations of crafted bombs
  • Increased the gold and ap given by bosses
  • Renamed Thief (38) to Bandit, Thief (103) to Mugger, Earth Golem (112) to Rock Golem, Yeti (130) to YETI
  • Added a difficulty notification for post game dungeons
  • Various minor Mercenary Defense gameplay tweaks and improved rewards
  • Drop rate improvements
  • Dungeon layout tweaks

Graphical Changes:

  • Added smoothing to icons for better higher resolution scaling
  • Improved the quality on some of the dungeon sprites
  • Fixed the UI overlap and button selection for the dungeon skill menu
  • Re-encoded the Intro cutscene video for better quality
  • Other minor visual tweaks

Bug Fixes:

  • Def Down and MDef Down nerfs should now work properly
  • Dismantle now gives the correct amount of scrap metal when having Neck Tie in your inventory
  • Fixed a bug where heroes can equip multiple Full Armors
  • Fixed a bug where Equipping Goggles III would lock and disable your equipment
  • Skills that cannot be used in battle no longer leave blank slots on the battle skill select menu
  • Skeleton Archers no longer goes into melee range when attacking.
  • Fixed optional bosses (deluxe version) loot table
  • Fixed optional areas (deluxe version) monster spawns
  • Fixed unclickable issue with big Koohii fight.
  • Mercenary Defense Healer now has heal effect.
  • Removed Mercenary Defense bonus level.
  • (PC) Pressing space while on the Enter Name screen will not close the window anymore
  • (PC) Fixed resolution settings not displaying the right dimensions