Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Boar Fight Test



Hello! An update. Haven’t had much progress (also have been sick and still sick -_-). I’ve just been cleaning up my code and improving the ai. Currently, they run around too much which is a bit annoying. I’ll be working on improving it a bit next week. I’ve added some status effects stuff as well. The boar enemy in the video has a “Stun” ability which can prevent you from moving around.

The battle system has been reworked a bit too. It’s now pretty much ff12. You’ll have the option of pausing the game when youre picking an action using menus. I will have an extra shortcut button for the roll and blink though.

I’ve also been trying to create my own event system for dialogs and cutscenes, and so far I’m pretty stuck. There is a new Timeline feature in unity which is really neat, and I’m trying it out. I’m having trouble with it right now though.