New Enemies

I’ve been working on enemies and enemy stats. I currently have about ~50 enemy stats filled. Which is about 2 out of the 6 arcs done. I’m still testing if the stats are balanced though. Here are some of the enemy sprites. I still have to draw about ~10 more monsters, ~6 more Bosses and a bunch of recolors.

Character Animation

I have made improvements on the battle animation for each character. Each character now has 3 attack animations for added variety (though I’m currently not done with the 4th character yet. Scythe animation is hard -_-;). I’ve added more frames to the character too. Here is the comparison of the number of battle sprites in the first game:

I tried converting it to gif format.

[Added Bonus: Map Character Sprite]


More Cutscenes

I have been coding so much this past week. I finally finished the weapon database and got special weapons to work. There are a lot of weapons on the game now and they are not just stats anymore. Here are some examples:

– A weapon that gives a random buff per turn
– A weapon that improves the guard skill and counter attacks when attacked
– A weapon that deals extra damage when hp is low
… and more.

I haven’t been doing much art, so I guess here are more screens from the cutscene. :)


For the past week, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do an intro cutscene. I think I’m going to have a short animated (not too much) intro. I’m thinking it should be longer and should have more pictures than the first one. Here are some of the pictures I did for it.