Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Aethercore (Working Title)



This page is a work in progress.

Hello! I’m currently working on a new project using Unreal Engine. Below are some of the designs and how I made them. Please feel free to send any feedback to emmanuel.salva.cruz@gmail.com.

Video Introduction

A short video featuring Combat vs Enemies

Prototype Download

You can play it yourself. Please be warned it is in the very early stages of development and some systems do not work yet.

RPG.zip – 2/25/24


Some of the features of the game that are currently implemented.

  • Combat System with Spells and Cooldown (TODO)
  • Block and Parry (TODO)
  • Dodge and Perfect Timed Dodge (TODO)
  • Enemy mechanics (TODO)
  • Treasure Chests and Items (TODO)
  • Dialog and Cutscenes (TODO)


Explanations on the inner workings of this game along with some of my notes on how I implemented them.

  • GAS (TODO)
  • Dialog, Cutscenes and Interaction (TODO)
  • AI Behavior (TODO)
  • CommonUI and MVVM (TODO)

Old Videos

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