Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer


Current Status:

Change Log:

v1.1.1 (9-30-11)
Features added:
– added a mute button on the title screen
v1.1.0 (9-28-11)

Features added:
– Gamble shop (Players can now buy random equipment using gold)

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a crash when opening the menu while engaging a monster
– Fixed characters being able to cast skills while silenced
– Gold recieved from wanted monsters should now be rewarded properly
– Fixed a bug where mp can be greater than max mp
– Character stats should now update when changing equipment

Balance Changes:
– Slightly increased the price of armor upgrades
v1.0.3 (9-18-11)

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a bug that was introduced in 1.0.2 where heal spells do damage (Hilarious)
– Greater Heal All should now show up in the Skill menu instead of another Heal All
– Cure All should now heal status effects instead of magic effects
– Fixed Holy Light Description
– Disabled upgrades for EXP ring and GREED ring
– Fixed missing prices for some items
– Fixed Accessory text showing up in decimal places
– Fixed Dargon covering up Tristam’s buffs

Features Added:
– Added a link to the Soundtrack in the options menu

Balance Changes:
– Increased resistance to Poison
– Removed Super Smoke Grenade
– Added Blinding Stare Ability
– Added Super Smoke Grenade
– Slightly lowered the chance of using Blind Abilities
v1.0.2 (9-17-11)

Bugs Fixed:
– Really fixed the New Game bug this time!
– Fixed a bug where heroes can still cast skills after being silenced
– Heal spell and Heal items should now work 100% and cannot be resisted
– Fixed Menu data not refreshing properly after healing

Balance Changes:
– Slightly increased Boss resistance to status and magic effects
v1.0.1 (9-16-11)

Bugs Fixed:
– Fixed a freeze when teleporting using a portal and landing on top of an enemy
– Fixed the descriptions of tier 1 rings
– Cure and Cure All will now be unusable outside of battle
– Poison and Regen damage should now update enemy hp bars
– Fixed some of the Boss’ attack animation
– Fixed medal check for loading a save file
– New Game button anti spam (testing if this fixes the new game bug)

Balance Changes:
– Lowered Bird King’s Magic
– Increased Speed and Attack
– Added Bite ability
– Increased Speed and Attack

Other changes:
– Flash right click menu disabled