Emmanuel Salva Cruz

Independent Game Developer

Crystal Story II Changelog

v 1.41

– Fixed a bug where non healing spells can be used on the main menu

v 1.40

– Added a Jukebox on the taverns
– Added numpad support

– Fixed Vampiric tier IV weapon stats
– Minor cutscene errors

v 1.38
Hotfix: Fixed a bug in the armory where an equipment can be upgraded to nothing. Sorry about your stuff :(

v 1.37

– Rocket now works properly with Item Mastery weapon
– Heal+ weapons now affect regen heal per tick
– Fixed in game bestiary achievement bug not registering
– Hackpick error name used for lina correction
– Skill Menu: Arrange skill now closes when next/previous hero button is clicked
– Death status no longer gets removed after fleeing a battle

– Charge and Skip are now two different commands
– Super Grenade description now says “all enemies”
– Increased Magic given by Heal+ II,III,IV weapons

– wrong nameplate on Port Breeze cutscene
– necropolis grammar

v 1.36

– Added a Pet explanation
– Added an explanation about clicking anywhere on the board on the Hackpick tutorial

– Fixed a bug where some users can’t start a new game
– Fixed a bug where battle text would show decimal numbers
– Unlocking pet slime should now say Pet Slime instead of Pet Accessory 19
– Pet Hats and Accessory now show up correctly based on their corresponding inventory item

– Improved Armory UI
– Reduced Boss resistance to poison (same as a regular monster)
– Nerf Skills (except sleep) now do damage when casted. Mana cost and delay for “all” version of the spells increased.
– Reduced scrap metal requirement for rings
– Changed Poison and Regen and Recovery spell descriptions.
– Renamed Petrify skill to Stone
– Made Mirror and Monacle descriptions a little bit more clear.

Cutscene Fixes:
– PHOEBE misspelled on Orcracle cutscene
– wrong nameplate on small bridge cutscene
– grammar error on tristam Mercenary Inc cutscene
– Mari Bandit King cutscene typos

v 1.35

– Removed the settings box pop up on new game
– Fixed graphic errors on the ending cutscene

v 1.34

– Healing spells will heal the full amount and will no longer cancel guard status when casted on a person with guard active.
– Corrected minor cutscene texts errors
– Fixed a bug where Dice won’t improve drop rate

– Circlet II now goes up to level 21
– Increased stats given by Circlet III
– Increased Scrap Metal requirement for Circlets
– Circlet I → II upgrade now only requires an Aquamarine
– Dice now stacks diminishingly when improving loot rate (used to not stack at all. So 4 people with dice will now give a better chance of getting good drops)
– Monsters now wake up from any damage instead of just physical damage
– Renamed Final to Dargon King
– Made the support us menu and the titlescreen prettier

v 1.33

– Added Keyboard controls for fishing minigame

– Fixed the bestiary completion bug
– Corrected some cutscene errors

– Added tips on not to lose save files at the beginning of the game.

v 1.32

– Fixed a bug where heroes cannot cast an ultimate if an ultimate is used before a defeat or before fleeing
(if you encounter this bug just unequip your weapon and reequip it)

v 1.31

Notes: Fixes… Fixes… Fixes…

– Fixed single elemental defense armors from amplifying damage instead of mitigating. (LOL)
– Corrected Wind Gem resist to the right amount
– Equipping shield and helm will now remove full armor
– Heroes cannot flee from bosses anymore
– Bestiary: Fixed Earth Golem skills appearing twice
– Charms, when equipped, no longer remove gems that have a different element
– Added missing name for Mari’s balanced weapon
– End Game Islands no longer have a Hard Mode button
– Fixed Sheriff Tomb dialogue nameplate
– Fixed highlight Cutscene error on Chapter4 Tower ending
– First forms of bosses with loot now have a steal list

Balance Changes:
– Heroes can now only equip one elemental gem at a time
– Increased Flee rate
– Retweaked boss steal list
– Added steal list and drop list to Fury, Bahumot and Bunch

– Added description to dice: added flee rate

v 1.3

Notes: Wanted Bosses revamp. Rearrangeable skills. Less MP and MP restore. No more stat stacking.

– Added a way to arrange skills in the skills menu
– Added confirmation when loading a file
– Added shortcut keys on dungeon buttons

– After completing the Main Quest, a “[X]Enter Hard Mode” button will appear on dungeons. These Hard Mode dungeons will have stronger enemies and Wanted X bosses.
– Wanted bosses now respawn. EXCEPTION: King Slime, Queen Slime, Bird King, and Adorable Snowman
– All Wanted bosses now have droppable loot and stealable loot. Loot is common to bosses depending on difficulty, so there are no missables on the non-spawning bosses.
– Heroes now regain 5% of their mana after each battle.
– Dice description changed
– Renamed Chapter 2 worm to Dune Worm and Chapter 4 worm to Giant Worm
– Renamed Chapter 4 Minotaur to Gore
– Moved Armor Up and Spirit Up to Buff category
– Moved Elemental Strikes to Physical category
– Added more weapons in the shops
– Monocle and Mirror now shows the % of buff given

Balance Changes:
– A hero cannot equip armors with the same family anymore. This prevents stat stacking.
e.g. Cannot equip 3 full armors… Cannot equip Gauntlets with Circlet… Cannot Fire Charm with Fire Gem… etc.
– Reduced Auto Raise MP from 24->12
– Reduced Buff MP from 3->2 (except for Quicken)
– Reduced Buff All MP from 18->10 (except for Quicken All)
– Reduced Quicken All MP from 18->14
– Reduced Regen MP from 5->3
– Reduced Regen All MP from 20->16
– Reduced Pilfer MP from 5->3
– Reduced Barrage MP from 10->8
– Reduced Shockwave MP from 15->12
– Increased crit given by Monocle from 20->25

– Battle Counter should now count battles won instead of enemies killed.
– Fixed Death removing passive status effects. (If a passive effect isnt working, reequip the equipment).
– Fixed Heal Plus weapons MAG init per tier. Should now be 15-55-95-145
– Sorting should now work on equipment
– Removed Elemental Gems upgrade.
– Auto Raise should now target a living ally and apply an auto life buff.
– Fixed Frog King and Crab King not giving the right amount of SP and Gold

Text Bugs:
– Renamed Petrify ring to Stone Ring. Also changed the description.
– Bengal Skeleton King cutscene typo: kidnap
– Lina default name on NPC Princess
– Rock cutscene typo: Mercenary
– Armor Typo: Monocle

Visual Bugs:
– Fixed Cleave effect misalignment
– Fixed Impale effect misalignment

v 1.23

– Stats should now update correctly on the Kongregate Api
– Removed 1 unused monster in the bestiary

v 1.22

Note: UI Fixes and bestiary cleanup. (Still working on the skill manual sorting)

– Added a battle counter

Balance Change:
– Increased Scrap Metal Requirement for: Start/Last Strength, Start/Last Wisdom, Start/Last Agility

– ITEM SPEED/POTENCY now gives the right amount of delay when items are used. (No more instant bombs)
– Bosses should now have the correct resistance to debuffs. (The last one was off).
– Fixed Bestiary Resistance Icons not lining up. Also added numbers for strong and resist.
– Yeti Defense tavern quest should now have a picture of a yeti
– Removed extra blank monsters(???) from the bestiary
– Replaced Chapter 4 vulture with missing monster: Scavenger
– Added missing monster: Wind Golem
– Fixed Wind Samurai sprite from changing into Obsidian Ice
– Fixed stats for Vampiric Tier 4 weapons.
– Fixed a bug where Use button on the inventory won’t disappear enabling the player to use any item on the party including bombs (LOL)
– Start All and Last All now has upgrade requirement

– Menu: Inventory now stays on the same page when using an item.
– Renamed Chapter 4 Bug to Silky
– Renamed Chapter 4 Imp to Fiend
– Renamed Chapter 4 Scorpion to Whip
– Renamed Chapter 4 Cerberus to Pithound
– Renamed Chapter 4 Succubus to Lilith
– Renamed Demon Lair Imp to Devilkin
– Added missing drop/steal ingredients to the game: Ancient Bone and Axe Handle

Text Bugs:
– Fixed typo on Kaz cutscene: “Guardian”

v 1.21

Note: Trickster buff, misc fixes and balance changes
“Combat is the spicy layer that’s marathon in unrefined”

– Fixed Some of the Golems not having loot. Golems now also drop
essence. It will also have a chance to be stealable.
– Enabled some of the monsters to drop MP potion.
– Renamed Fire Golem to Fire Spirit

Balance Changes:
– Trickster: Single target debuff spells mp requirement reduced from 3
->2. All target debuff spells mp requirement reduced from 14->6 and
decreased delay.
– Decreased Quicken Effect from x2 -> x1.5
– Barrage: added 1 more hit. Reverted delay.
– Bash: Damage reverted back. Delay still kept the same. (Slightly
longer than the original)
– Cleave: decreased delay
– Shockwave: increased stun duration
– Increased Boss difficulty on ch2-ch4
– PHOEBE (Crystalia): Increased stats. Added Concentrate skill.
– Reuben: Increased stats. Added Barrage and Slow All skill.

– Fixed Start and Last Armor buff not triggering. (If you still
experience this bug, unequip all of your armor and re-equip them.)
– Mercenary Defense Guardians now start from small upgarded to big.

Text Bugs:
– Elixir Brew description now specifies all allies.
– Fixed Lina default name in crystalia cutscene 2
– Fixed Kaz default name in orrora cutscene


v 1.20

Note: Steal Update and Scrolling Grid

– Added buttons for switching hero on the SP menu
– Added scrolling functionality for Skill Grid

– Steal has been revamped. Most of the monsters will now have a chance
to carry a rare item. This includes consumables, armors, and
– Steal animation changed to physcal

Balance Changes:
– Increased boss resistance to to silence, confuse, sleep, stun and
darkness. Decreased boss resistance to poison, atk down, mag down, def
down, mdef down, and slow.
– Mari’s Snipe now does the proper amount
– Decreased Bash Damage
– Decreased Cleave Damage
– Decreased Impale Damage
– Increased Shockwave Damage
– Increased Regen Healing and Duration
– Made Snowboard Extreme Track 3 shorter

– Changed Abyss Bird to Froezen
– Fixed a bug where Mercenary Defense level 7 would only give a Ruby.
Reward is now random after the initial Ruby.
– Fixed the Boss phase out bug. (Let me know if it still happens).
– Fixed Regen placeholder effect

Text Bugs:
– Fixed Kaz default name bug on cutscene Necro 2
– Fixed Kaz default name bug on cutscene Crystalia 1
– Fixed Mari default name bug on cutscene Wind Tower 1
– Fixed Lina default name bug on cutscene Wind Tower 2
– Fixed Kaz default name bug on cutscene Wind Tower 2
– Fixed Mari and Kaz default name on the ending cutscene
– Kaz wont say coolio schoolio anymore
– Fixed Carp Dime description: Seize

– Current version number is now shown on the preloader

v 1.11

Note: Figured I should just get the text bugs out of the way first
before working on the big issues.
Thanks for the comments, reports and feedback!

– Fixed Tristam calling Lina default name on first smalltown cutscene
– Fixed Tristam cutscene typo: “worse”
– Fixed Sherif calling Mari default name on NPC conversation Bandit
– Fixed Mari calling Lina default name on NPC conversation Mari
– Fixed Malloc cutscene typo: “Guardians”
– Fixed Mari calling Kaz default name on first port breeze cutscene
– Fixed Skill typo: Armor Up All and Spirit Up All text
– Fixed Status Effects icons on the Help file
– Fixed Enemy name typos: Werewolf, Succubus, Minotaur
– Fixed Item typo: Elixir
– Fixed Hackpick tutorial font
– Attempted to correct grammar on Help Minimap
– Fixed Circlet 3 looping when upgraded fully
– Yeti Defense boss should now be a Yeti

– Made minimap current location more visible
– Renamed EXP Ring to SP ring and changed the description as well
– Renamed Item Mastery to Item Speed/Potency (I don’t know if this will
now work)
– Changed Scrap Metal Requirements for Tier 3 and Tier 4 weapons


v 1.10

– Fixed a bug in Mercenary Defense where upgrading a unit will not
remove the old unit
– Fixed bosses not appearing in the optional dungeons
– Fixed Tristam calling Lina by her default name when they first meet.
– Fixed Sheriff calling Mari by her default name on his NPC
conversation and dialogue before the Tomb Quest
– Fixed Kaz calling himself by his default name on his first NPC
– Fixed Full Armor upgrading into Shield
– Fixed Full Armor stat description

– Added Quantity to buying and selling items
– Added Arrows for the character icons on the turn bar

– Changed Item Mastery Weapon descriptions
– Tweaked the bosses in chapter 1 to make them stronger
– Unavailable Armor slots are now shown as LOCKED instead of invisible