Cutscene Work in Progress

Hello! It’s been a while! I have just been working on a lot of stuff. Here is an update on the Guide Intro cutscene. Please note, it’s still not final. I still need to work on the dialog. I’m gradually changing the ui, and I think it still needs more work. If you guys have any suggestions on the layout or the look, please let me know. I’m also able to do dialogs inside battles now, so tutorials are possible.

There are still a lot of fixes that I have to do. The victory screen, enemy spawns, exp gain, character controller and other stuff. I’m thinking of making AP gain as just 1 instead of 3 per turn and have actions be just 1. Currently it’s really confusing. I still need to test it.


Finished the Goblins. They are a bit easier than the other ones since they are bipedal humanoids. They currently only have idle and run animations for now. I just need one more enemy plus some bosses I don’t know yet for the forest level and I think that’s it.

I’m planning to start working on code next week. Once the forest level is done I will have a small demo to show off the concept for the game. I can probably ask for help from other artists and programmers afterwards.


Bird Enemy

Hello! Haven’t done as much as I hoped this week, but I finally got the control rig done for the bird enemy. It was a bit harder than I thought. Overall, my pace has been a bit faster lately and I have more free time now. I’m able to do a short update a week. I’m planning to finish part of the forest level first, so I’m mostly doing feral enemies currently.


Boar Story

Finished creating the boar enemy and having fun running around with it.

612 Tris with 512×512 texture.


Here is the original enemy from Crystal Story II:


Main Char Redo

Didn’t do much this week. I’m sick -_-
Anyway I kinda redid the main char. I’m also currently redoing animations since the run cycle is a bit broken.

3d Characters


Still not as much free time, so no video -_-. I decided to work on 3D stuff and start redoing my characters. I ended up sticking to the original design and added 5 fingers instead of just an open palm. I improved the base model, but it’s pretty minor. I’m planning to have just 3 playable characters. 1 boy, 1 girl, and Guide the robot. This way, I might actually finish something.

Tech Test

Another area will be a tech/robotic/scifi type area. It will be a tower and the level design will be vertical. I’ve only done the entrance for now and it still needs more details. Not much as been done since I wasted a week trying to make a minigame then abandoned it -_-.


Ruins Test

Another update. I’m planning to have 4 major areas in the game. One is a ruins/temple/aqueduct area similar to the one in the previous Crystal Story. So far, I’ve only modeled a few pieces and haven’t finished working on a full level yet. I kept redoing the textures and the walls just to make it look right.


Testing the forest level

I decided to try out full 3D instead of top down, and I’m really liking it so far. Not sure yet though.

Building levels by hand is taking a lot of time. I’m just going to be content of it looking not as good and just try and finish something. Some stuff like the bushes and the fence I bought from an asset pack.